Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 20

It begins...

Today at noon, mom receives her first chemo installation. She will need to be at the facility for 6 hours while they monitor her initial reactions to the treatment.

Then, she'll go home with a bag of the magic poison juice slung around her shoulder like a hand bag. It'll stay connected to the port they installed for 48 hours until we head back to the facility to have it removed. This will happen every two weeks - no time off.

I arrive tomorrow morning, 2/16, where I'll finally be in that lovely ladies arms. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of us. Once we get a bit more accustomed to our routine, you can be sure we'll be calling in all those generous offers we've been collecting.

It seems time is our teacher now.
We look into the fog that awaits and envelops.
Searching for some tool or weapon,
Some light or familiar face,
Some sense of the road,
And though we cannot see the hand before us,
We hear the voices of love
Echoing through the wilderness.
And so we are surefooted in our hope.


  1. Praying for positive energy everywhere you go today and through this journey. Jess, may your trip be easy. God bless all of you! We love you! Kathy and boys

  2. Hey I'm blogging. Thank you Jess for all you are doing to keep us informed. I can't wait to get to know you better. You are a sensitive, loving, strong, honorable woman (and the list goes on) This comes as no surprise knowing your Mom. My happy, healing thoughts are with you all and I am waiting to help however I can. Have a safe trip tomorrow. Your Mom is soooo excited to have you here. You will be a huge comfort to her and an incredible help in her recovery.


    Debbie (friend and dogsitter)

  3. "How can I keep my soul in me, so that
    it doesn't touch your soul? How can I raise
    it high enough, past you, to other things?
    ... I would like to shelter it, among remote
    lost objects, in some dark and silent place
    that doesn't resonate when your depths resound.
    Yet everything that touches us, me and you,
    takes us together like a violin's bow,
    which draws *one* voice out of two separate strings.
    Upon what instrument are we two spanned?
    And what musician holds us in his hand?
    Oh sweetest song." -Rainer Maria Rilke