Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 56

It's been quite a big week at the Green Ranch...

Mom has come through 3 rounds of chemo and is heading strongly into round 4 next Tuesday, 3/27. We've had a great deal of success with some simple nutritional changes.

We decided to address her digestive needs with a diet designed in three phases through her 2 week cycle between chemo. As a result, her side effects have lessened significantly and she finds she has more energy throughout the day.

We've also learned that naps are a gift from God above! So, everyday mom enjoys a lovely afternoon lie down.

Also, mom is exploring her artistic expression. She'll be working on a 3-panel Tuscan installation (a.k.a. paint by numbers). As the sun decides to show up a bit more, we'll set her up in the back yard with an easel, a sun hat, scarf and overalls. After all, it's our motto here at the Green Ranch: To everything, add a little romance!

Speaking of romance... Ben is here!

Ben and I are officially Californians. For those of you who haven't seen my hunky honey in a some time, I highly recommend a viewing, I mean a visit. Ben has already started to settle in to his new Starbucks (on Jefferson & Woodside if you want to swing by to see him). He is still scoping out the perfect bike route up and down the hill and having fun exploring the area.

We're still setting up our space downstairs, but with all the work JG put into the new paint job it's already beginning to look like home. Thanks to all our friends and family that helped get Benj & I on our way. We couldn't have done it without you!

Oh, yeah... one more thing. Mom has a new look with a sexy blonde diva wig that quite simply, makes mom look like mom again! I'll be sure to throw a pic up as soon as I can get her to pose for one.

Important Dates:
3/27 - Round 4 Chemo
4/4 - CAT Scan
4/5 - Meeting with Dr. Pan


  1. Yeah! You made it! Can't wait to see the sexy wig...I know she's rocking it!

  2. Thank you for the updates. Although I do not know your mother, I know and love you and Benj. Your family is in my family's prayers. Can't wait to see the new hairdo! Love from Christine and Jeremy.

  3. Wow! you painted? March on my faithful warriors! Much love to you all...Clari/Mom

  4. It feels so strange here without you both. I refuse to accept it. Give a hug to MommaD.

  5. Hello to all at the Green Ranch!

    So good to hear that Denise is rocking a sexy blonde wig! I know she is the "cat's meow!" We have been praying for all of you. Glad your honey is back with you, Jess. I am sure it feels complete for you now. Love you all and post some pics of your Mom doing her painting! That will be fun to see! Love you all! Kathy