Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finding Our Feet

As some of you know, Mom has just finished round 2 of chemo. Well, I say finished, but in fact, each "round" is more accurately the whole 2 week cycle. We're learning that the few days after the bag has been removed (which was Thursday) are the hardest. She has actually come through the injections days with the strength and determination we all know and love in her.

Though Mom's pain hasn't been a problem, her fatigue and digestion have been the most effected. I'm sure some words of hope and encouragement would be most welcome right now. You have all been so wonderful.

Thank you Uncle Mark for the Kindle Fire. Mom has never much liked lying in bed, so having a Kindle to take to bed to play solitaire and read new cook books has been a great comfort.

Thanks to Aunt Roxi, Aunt Terri & Scottie for the Amazon bucks which will be well spent on various diversions for our healing lady.

Thanks to Dawn & Tom for the flowers (they showered us in beautiful flowers, which we arranged and placed around the house. Thanks also for the spa escape Dawn!

Thanks to Nancy Brooks who keeps us in encouraging cards and lovely thoughts (and her friends too!)

Thanks to Bethie for keeping me sane and being there whenever I call.

Thank you all for your prayers, understanding and patience in this time. Mom is dedicating all that strength to this fight and as many of you have said, "If anyone can beat this, it's Denise."

We have an appointment with Mom's oncologist, Dr. Pan, on Monday - as well as her dietician; so, I'll have much to report next week. Keep your thoughts high.


  1. Denise,
    Your strenght is so powerful. We love you so very much and are very blessed to be able to see you weekly. Half Moon Bay awaits your arrival. Your beauty has touched so many. Keep up the great work. Prayers are with you every mintue. Big hugs and Kisses

    Tom and Dawn

  2. My family is AWESOME! I am so happy we moved back to Redwood City! You just keep calling me Cousin...we never finished our fruckle!